Postpartum Doula Services

I learned that a healthy society is made up
of loving, trusting individuals
and that these individuals, in turn,
protect their environment,
become stewards of our land, air, and water,
and they make peace, rather than war. 

- Robin Lim

Attention, care, and embodied awareness does not end with the birth.

Imagine leaving the hospital or birth center knowing you have support already in place, that someone is coming to cook you a healthy meal, offer lactation assistance, and hold your baby while you get in a shower and a nap.

I believe every Mama/birthing person deserves a healthy and nourishing postpartum recovery.
As a postpartum doula, my task is to support you and your family as you bond with your new baby.
I provide nurturing, nonjudgmental, in-home support through the joys and challenges of the first weeks and months postpartum, helping you settle into the new rhythm of your family.

The postpartum time can feel new, vulnerable, and raw. New parents and parents with older children need support now more than ever. Unfortunately, it is a time that is very overlooked by our mainstream society and often times parents are left to figure things out for themselves. 

I am here to nurture and support you during this delicate, beautiful transition. 

I invite us to work together to cultivate a space and rhythm that is safe, protected, and flexible for you and your family to settle, source, and re-source during this time.  

I can help with cooking, cleaning, and laundry.
I can serve with emotional and physical support and comfort.
I can guide you in postpartum yoga and gently restoring and strengthening your body after pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Your postpartum time is unique to you and I am here to validate your choices, share my own tools and resources, and help care for your body, baby, and space.

If this sounds like the support you're seeking, I invite you to reach out. 


Daytime shifts: $40/hour
Nighttime shifts: I am not offering nighttime services at this time