Prenatal and labor DOULA SERVICES

Having a baby is hard enough.
No woman should be asked to do anything
else while she is having a baby.
She shouldn't have to renegotiate a birth plan,
argue with her care provider about the evidence
supporting her decisions, or advocate for her baby.
She also shouldn't have to comfort her husband,
or reassure her mother or educate her sister.
Everyone around the birthing mother
should attend her like the Queen she is.

- Elizabeth Allemann, MD

I am here to support, empower, and nurture
your unique birth journey.

I offer continuous, emotional, informational, and physical support to mothers/birthing persons and their teams. I help create and maintain a space of safety, trust, and care. I help you navigate the intensities and surprises that may arise prenatally, during labor, and just after birth. 

what is Included in the labor doula package?

  • Free phone consultation

  • 1 initial free exploration meeting to see if we are a good match

  • 2 prenatal visits (1.5 hrs)

  • on call 24/7 (beginning at week 37 until baby is born)

  • Physical presence at your birthing experience

  • 1 postpartum visit (60-90 min)

  • pre and postnatal yoga/physical support to release areas of tension and build strength before and after birth.

  • continuous phone and email support

  • access to lending library

Free phone consultation (approx. 30 min):

Initial introductions and connection and see if what you are looking for matches what I am able to offer and how we feel speaking with one another.

Free initial visit

Get to know you and your family a bit in person as we get a sense for one another. Here I will answer any questions you may have and we will engage with feelings and thoughts surrounding the birth. Usually, after this visit, we will both take some time to decide whether we would like to work with one another. 

Before birthing experience (2 Prenatal visits, 60-90 minutes):

We will share 2 prenatal visits where I will listen and learn about you as we get to know each other better. Through these visits I am able to learn how I can best support you and the birthing environment. We'll also explore your feelings in regards to birth and learn how to create a birthing experience you trust. During these visits we will also learn and understand the other possibilities that may or may not unfold during birth and how we can navigate some of the unpredictable pieces, should they arise. 

We will learn and explore pain management and coping techniques, including touch, massage, breathing, and different positions that will assist in easing discomfort during your birthing experience.
This may be a process of self-discovery and exploration around how to face your birthing journey with more confidence, awareness, and integrity.

Each visit is adjusted to the energy, needs, and curiosity of all persons present.

During Birthing Experience:

Once I arrive at your birth, I will offer you in a safe, calm, and loving space while I support you/partner/team. As your labor unfolds, I will intuitively suggest tools to ease discomfort and remind you of the signals of your body. I will honor and remind you of your birth plan and listen to your requests for what arises during your labor. I will help you navigate the birth environment by making sure you are staying hydrated and nourished, and that you are feeling respected and honored in your journey.

I respect the roles of everyone involved in birth (partner, family, medical staff). I do my very best to enhance and nourish those connections by advocating the art of verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Once baby is born, I will stay approx. 1-2 hours more to make sure you/baby/partner are well cared for and comfortable.

(Note: We will discuss ahead of time when I will arrive during the labor and once I am there, I will usually stay throughout labor and the birth of your baby.)

Postpartum Visit: 

After your baby is born, I will come to your home and visit you, checking in on mama/birthing person and baby. My intention for this visit is to make sure you are being well cared for, to see how you’re feeling, emotionally and physically, and to see how you’re adjusting with your new baby. I can assist with breastfeeding and answer any other questions you might have.

I do offer additional postpartum care, which will also include things like assisting with light chores around the home, cooking wholesome meals, doing meal prep, spending time with baby while you rest and nourish yourself, and any thing else that would support your home and family.

Please see my offerings for my postpartum doula services here


Please contact me
about pricing for
prenatal and labor doula services


*If you think you cannot afford doula services*

I strongly believe that every person who wants a doula should have one. If cost is a barrier please contact me. I offer payment plans and take a limited number of low/reduced fee clients. Priority for reduced rate services will go to single & teen parents. 
Thank you to my full fee clients, without whom I would be unable to provide this service!